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It’s all in the name! We are obsessed with finding solutions to our client’s most complex problems. We thrive on the challenge of getting the most out of the Salesforce platform and exploiting it to create the best digital experiences. We are a team of problem solvers who have all worked for the top global consultancies, building Salesforce practices, and now we want to do it better.

Who We Are

We have a passion for helping clients transform their business, and we are all Salesforce obsessed. We are evangelists, we are trailblazers, and we want to use our expertise to help companies generate progress through the platform.

We also want something more. We want to have a meaningful impact on the world. Solution Junkies is a new breed of consultancy that proves that you can scale a profitable business while focusing on giving back. We are more than a Salesforce implementation partner; we are a force for good.

Our Mission

Delivering Purpose in Every Project

Why we are different

We focus on teaching our clients to think like Salesforce specialists. We do not just deliver projects. We immerse our clients in the world of Salesforce throughout the entire implementation lifecycle through our ENABLE methodology.

We are not in the business of creating everlasting roles for our consultants. In fact, we think that the benefit of investing in a technology like Salesforce is that clients can be empowered to evolve their skills and elevate their teams to be the experts of their own orgs.

We help clients navigate the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem – from the onset by educating them on the platform, through collaborative design and build cycles aimed at teaching them how to shape the platform to offer their users a value-add experience, through to how to manage their org after go-live, and how to govern sustained innovation.

We do not have the concept of an ‘admin handover.’ We have developed a methodology that embeds admin training and Salesforce enablement throughout the lifecycle of an implementation. Our customers come out of a project fully understanding how their system is designed, having been a hands-on collaborator in that process.

The Salesforce platform is expansive and ever evolving. This presents a massive opportunity for customers, but it can be daunting. We believe in click-not-code, but we also understand that complex business problems sometimes require complex solutions. We want to enable clients to be brave by educating them on the nature of code and true cost of ownership of a solution.


It is easy to get bogged down in the functional requirements and focus on the ‘what’ of any solution. We challenge our clients to focus on the ‘how.’ What the user experiences is as much about the user interface as it is about user stories. Investment in UI development often pays for itself in the form of time saving for users and innumerable benefits for adoption.

Salesforce functionality is only as good as the data it holds. Customers often focus on cleaning and streamlining their internal data. This is a critical activity, but we believe the added value lies in enrichment. We help customers optimise their processes with enhanced data from external sources to help users make faster, more informed decisions.

We also believe in the power of visualisation. Data is paramount, but it is only as valuable as it is accessible. Users need to easily understand what the data is telling them and how they can use that information to effect meaningful change. With tools like Tableau and Einstein Analytics, we help customers unlock the power of their data.


It is not enough to deliver successful projects. We want our work to have a greater impact. When we profit, we want society to profit. We believe that projects should generate progress. And not just for the organisations that implement them, but beyond. That is why we are taking the 1% Pledge one step further with an initiative called Projects for Purpose.

Projects for Purpose has 2 fundamental components:

Donating a piece of our profit

We give back 2% of the project profit to the client’s charity of choice once the project is live. We also encourage clients to match this where possible. This method of celebrating success promotes an environment where we can all advance the welfare of others.


We commit to 2 days at the end of every project volunteering at the client’s charity of choice. We encourage clients to join in where possible.

What we do


Our process focuses on the entire Salesforce lifecycle, helping clients translate their investment into business value. We help them navigate their purchasing decisions and map their TCO to outcomes, understand their implementation options, and design their operational governance model to ensure they sustain innovation.


Our ENABLE methodology goes beyond just producing a purpose-built solution, it empowers our clients to own their Salesforce journey. Our implementation process creates value for users and admins alike.


Impactful solutions are designed to evolve. Solution Evolution, our managed service, is intended to be an extension of our ENABLE methodology. It is built to help our clients to sustain continuous innovation. Our collaborative approach allows clients to expand the capability and capacity of their team within a hybrid, flexible model.

How we do it FASTER

We believe that Accelerators should do just that, accelerate our client’s time to value. Over the last decade we have seen clients encounter the same Salesforce challenges time and time again, so we have built packages that address these without the burden of developing from scratch. These value-add features ensure our clients can maximise their investment in solving their more complex business problems.

Spreadsheet UI

Spreadsheet UI

Analysing large amounts of data on a single page can be cumbersome. We customise the page to allow for more columns and rows to create an excel-like experience in Salesforce and have built real-time validation, driving data quality and accuracy.

Product Picker

Product Picker

We have designed a simple product picker for customers that sell multiple types of products on a single opportunity, but do not have the pricing complexity that requires a full CPQ solution.

Perfect Pages

Perfect Pages

Layouts are critical to the user experience, and they are often an afterthought. We bring pre-built pages that give our clients a better starting point from which to build.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Leveraging external data sources can often be expensive and complex to integrate, but there are a number of widely used data sources that are free and accessible to the public. We have pre-built integrations to enrich our client's internal data with relevant insights from these free providers.

Advanced Bid Kanban

Advanced Bid Kanban

This kanban feature allows users to track more than the stages of an opportunity, it enables users to manage resources and bid activities simply and seamlessly through a visual drag-and-drop UI.

Productivity Tracker

Productivity Tracker

In most contact centres, the main objective is to improve efficiency and productivity. This feature allows users to put Cases 'On Hold.' Our custom component then tracks how much time a Case spends in each status, enabling clients to evaluate productive time vs waiting time and where the blockers are.

Our Team

Creating a scalable business starts with getting the core team members right. It requires a shared vision as well as shared values and passions. But it also requires a bit of banter, a lot of trust, and some healthy debate.

We think we have nailed it.

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