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We are Salesforce Consultants, Developers, Designers, Project Managers, Architects, Business Analysts, Nerds…

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Our EXPLORE process focuses on the entire Salesforce lifecycle, helping clients translate their investment into business value. We help them navigate their purchasing decisions and map their TCO to outcomes, understand their implementation options, and design their operational governance model to ensure they sustain innovation.



Our ENABLE methodology goes beyond just producing a purpose-built solution, it empowers our clients to own their Salesforce journey. Our implementation process creates value for users and the board alike.



Impactful solutions are designed to EVOLVE. Solution Evolution is our managed service. It is built to help our clients sustain continuous innovation over time. It is an extension of our ENABLE methodology and aims to teach, more than do. Our collaborative approach allows clients to expand the capability and capacity of their team within a hybrid, flexible model.

Why we are different


We proudly stand as a specialist Salesforce implementation partner, but our core ethos is rooted in generating meaningful business transformation.

It is easy to get bogged down in the functional requirements and focus on the ‘what’ of any solution. We challenge our clients to focus on the ‘why’ and the ‘how.’ What the user experiences is as much about the user interface as it is about user stories. We employ methods like design thinking and user research to inform the solution design. 

We help clients navigate the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem from the onset; by educating them on the platform through collaborative design and build cycles. Teaching them how to shape the platform to offer their users a value-add experience, how to manage their org after go-live and how to govern sustained innovation. 

>250+ Salesforce Certifications
Orbit Champion
Winner of the Salesforce UK 2023 Cert Challenge
1200 Hours
Over 1200 volunteer hours given in 2023

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Our mission


To deliver purpose in every project.

Whilst we have a passion for helping clients transform their business. We want something more. We want to have a meaningful impact on the world.

Solution Junkies is a new breed of consultancy that proves that you can scale a profitable business while focusing on giving back. We are more than a Salesforce implementation partner; we are a force for good.

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