Make a greater impact.

Moving from legacy systems or spreadsheets can be daunting. That’s why we focus every project on growing your impact.

More hours in the day.

Streamline administrative tasks and free up your people to focus on what really matters. Manage volunteers more quickly and easily.

Connect with your community.

Track your impact, communicate your results and encourage donations for a better future.


Salesforce allows Non-Profits to maximise impact through AI-driven personalised experiences, manage data seamlessly on an integrated platform, and adapt to changing demands.

Solution Junkies are a business-first Salesforce consultancy, that believe in delivering purpose in every project through a unique approach to enabling clients and giving back to the world around us. 

At Solution Junkies, we believe that technology is the enabler of change, that comes from looking at the people, processes and systems that surround a business transformation. We begin with user-centric design and understanding business objectives, and then leverage Salesforce and our extensive experience to reach your goals.

We can help across a variety of areas in your business, from fundraising, marketing, operations, data and insights and volunteer management.

Salesforce offers a variety of entry points for Non-Profits looking to get started. At Solution Junkies we believe our company can be a force for good, so we work with you for a solution to maximise your impact. 

Salesforce is a popular option for Non-Profits looking to maximise their impact and get visibility of their data. Our customers include Maggie’s Cancer Centres, the RPSCA, Wrap, Better Cotton Initiative, Relate, BEAT Eating Disorders and more.

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