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Scalable Sales & Customer Self-Service for Zoopla


Zoopla, a premier property website and app in the UK, provides its audience with over a million home listings, assisting buyers and renters through advanced filtering options. Zoopla also boasts additional product offerings, including PrimeLocation, Hometrack, and ExpertAgent.

The Challenge:

Rory Marsden, the Commercial Operations Director at Zoopla, was facing a unique set of challenges:

  1. Customer Experience: A fragmented journey due to a complex product set heavily dependent on sales agents using manual processes.
  2. Efficiency and Accuracy: High costs for acquiring and serving customers, manual verification of ad inventory, and recurring billing errors.
  3. Scalability: An absence of self-serve capabilities, restricting operations to a 9-5 time frame. Moreover, a varied sales cycle made it challenging to pinpoint areas for optimisation.

Zoopla realised that their B2B experience was competing with B2C experiences their customers are used to in their personal lives, and so made the decision to work with Solution Junkies to understand how they could improve the experience, and make process and technology improvements to support that. Solution Junkies took the time to understand Zoopla’s challenges and recommended Salesforce Media Cloud.

The Solution:

Recognising these challenges, Zoopla sought to transition towards a more customer-centric eCommerce approach, rather than merely digitising their sales processes. Their goals included:

  1. Enabling a self-serve journey for customers.
  2. Offering automated pricing and availability checks.
  3. Streamlining the creation of commercial packages and the fulfilment of assets.

To achieve this, Zoopla teamed up with Solution Junkies, opting for a comprehensive implementation of Salesforce Lightning, Media Cloud, and Experience Cloud. 

The Results:

After an initial 3 month transition to Lightning and a 7 month Media Cloud and Communities implementation, Zoopla had successfully launched a self-serve commercial portal, resulting in a 342% increase in revenue-generating sales time.

Solution Junkies’ implementation enabled Zoopla to do the following:

  • Reimagine the customer journey against acquire, grow and retain outcomes.
  • Simplify product and pricing propositions, reducing errors and enabling the sales team to focus on delivering the best offering for customers.
  • Align the end-to-end commercial processes to deliver a more seamless customer experience. 
  • Implement a differentiated service proposition – matching influence and spend to customer requirements and Zoopla’s cost to serve.
  • Reduce complexity, duplication and handovers between teams to create a simplified, efficient and scalable organisation.

As Salesforce Media Cloud becomes BAU for the Zoopla sales team, the leadership can more easily see opportunities across the organisation, test new pricing models, and automate more and more processes- particularly across compliance.

“Solution Junkies brought immense value while working with us on implementing Salesforce Media Cloud and Experience Cloud. Their work has positioned our business for future growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.” 

Rory Marsden, Commercial Operations Director, Zoopla 

Looking Forward

Zoopla’s collaboration with Solution Junkies stands as a testament to the transformative power of an effective Salesforce implementation when combined with a dedicated, business-aware consultancy. This partnership not only simplified Zoopla’s processes but also laid the groundwork for its scalable future growth.



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